Zeal for the Temple

Though the third temple was built by the ruthless and bloodthirsty Herod and overseen by another no less perverse, corrupt and murderous high priest Caiaphas, nonetheless, the Lord Jesus honored that House of Prayer with His presence. He taught there daily and blessed the people.

But upon entering the Temple area, Jesus could not stomach to see it crowded with people who had transformed that sacred place into a marketplace.

This was reason enough to set off His holy wrath in the Holy Place.

So, He overturned tables and seats, and did not allow anyone to carry wares through the Temple. Mark 11.16

He added:

My house shall be called a House of Prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves. Matthew 21.13

Immediately, his disciples remembered that it was written and determined:

Zeal for Your house will consume Me. John 2.17 (HCSB)

The human body was created to serve as the temple of the Holy Spirit I Corinthians 6:19;

Few people know that the zeal for this dwelling symbolizes the zeal for the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Now, if the Temple that was built and run by cruel men was honored with the physical presence of the Lord Jesus, imagine the honor that He will bestow the Temple that has the presence of His Spirit, in a place built with the sacrifice of His people!

Our conviction tells us that the replica of the Temple of Solomon will leave this condition to be the Temple of the Living God.

A Temple led by the Holy Spirit;

A House of Prayer for all nations Isaiah 56.7; Matthew 21.13;

A House of Sacrifice 2 Chronicles 7.12;

A Home of Justice Jeremiah 31.23;

The Sanctuary of the Lord God I Chronicles 22.19.

Those who live and enter this place, will not only see, but also attest the greatness of the Almighty by receiving His Holy Spirit.

This is my faith,

what is yours?

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