Women, let men be a gentlemen!

I am not defending the feminist movement. As a matter of fact, I disagree, based on the Bible, with some of their ideals. However, I recognize that today we can enjoy the rights won by women who fought hard.

Some of these legitimate rights are: sign a contract, have property in our name, the right to vote, labor rights, the right to use contraception, medical care and prenatal care, maternity leave, have our physical integrity preserved etc.

However, during the quest for equality, we lost some things that are peculiar to women and their feminine nature. And this is what I would like to write about, to promote a behavior that is being lost.

Women asked for a sexual revolution: in the last 40 years, there has been a visible increase in promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Millions of children have been born without a home to welcome them, many don’t even know who their father is. Mothers need to go to court to demand a monthly pension. We won’t even talk about love.

Women are giving themselves to people who are only after their body and are not willing to love their soul.

Freedom is a gift that we receive from God when we are born, but it has a price, which is to make the right choices. Because, otherwise, the bill comes and it may be too pricy.

Women are also preventing men from being what they were designed to be: protectors.

Even if you work, if it’s easy to open a door, you know all the answers, you know how to change a light bulb, etc., allow your husband or boyfriend to kindly help you.

I often hear women complaining that romantic men and gentlemen no longer exist, but they are contributing to this extinction.

Before grabbing all the bags and complaining that men are no longer made like before, how about saying, “I wish I was as strong as you, my love, that way I could carry all this weight…” His reaction will be: carry all the weight, and perhaps, carry you too, just to show how strong he really is, lol?

Let him open the car door, pull out your chair, let you go first, hold the umbrella, protect you from the cold with his jacket, open the olive jar, call the waiter…

We are not weak because we like flowers, or like to be praised when we go to the hair salon, or because we like to talk. We are women…

And where is it written that a woman has to split the restaurant bill all the time?

If he is able to pay, there is no harm in that!

In the past, feminists took to the streets and burned their bras, high heels, makeup, fake eyelashes, girdles… as a form of protest. They quickly discovered what they already knew: it was very difficult to do without them. They had to buy all of those things again. Are we inferior because we use, need and like these things?

When you inhibit a man from being a gentleman you are doing the same thing.

If you are wise, you must know what is good and what you need as a woman. No burdens should take away your privilege of being a woman.

Men and women deserve to be treated with equal dignity and respect, within their differences.

This subject gives for a good conversation. What is your opinion?

What do you miss most today and would ask men to change?

I don’t know if they are going to read our opinions, but at least we can further clarify this issue, don’t you think?

Hum… I have an idea: how about you send this post to a friend and find out what he thinks?

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