Wise woman

Every wise woman is of God, since her wisdom comes from the LORD OF WISDOM.

And every wise woman builds the foundation of her house upon the Word of God.

But, the foolish pulls it down with her hands. Proverbs 14.1

The wise woman is like the wise man that built his house on the rock.

She is wise because she knows that building a house depends on the foundation, base or structure, which are able to support the entire weight of the building. Therefore, she is more worried with foundation, than the aesthetics.

But the foolish woman is like the foolish man, who seeks quick results. For this reason, he builds his house on the sand. Matthew 7.24

The wise woman is wise because of her wise actions;

She is wise because she does not act according to her heart;

She is wise because she knows her heart is deceitful;

therefore, it cannot be trusted at all;

She is wise because she thinks, evaluates, meditates, calculates and uses an intelligence based on the Word of God, which makes her smart enough to know not to walk according to the impulses of the deceitful heart. Her wisdom prevents her from making hasty decisions;

She is wise because she believes in the Word, which does not fail;

She believes because she trusts and hopes in the Spirit of the Word of God;

She is wise because she knows the vision is yet for an appointed time, which has been determined by God. She is not deceived; if it delays, she will wait, because it will certainly come and not be late. Habakkuk 2.3

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