When love becomes tiresome

When it comes to love, people’s hearts immediately start beating faster. The word itself arouses thoughts of passionate fantasies. Our feelings vibrate, our flesh enjoys it.

Who, in this world, is able to hate love? Supposedly, it can only do good. It refers to illusions, causes dreams and fantasies, and looks only to the future.

The world has embraced love, regardless of how it comes.

But, what is love?
There are two ways for this feeling to be expressed:
the human way and the Divine way.

Human love is subject to the whims of the soul. It is in tune with impatience, intolerance, jealousy, anger, pride, betrayal, selfishness, misunderstanding, self-interest; in short, it is linked to injustice or sin.

It is the kind of love that you get tired of and “end”.

This is why it has taken advantage of the weak, who are surrendered to their passions without forgiveness.
Sometimes, it even kills.

On the other hand, Divine love has nothing to do with feelings. But with reason.
It is considered as worthy as honoring your word; as the truth; as the faithfulness that bears all things, believes all things, endures all things, but never gets tiresome or finishes.

This feeling coming from the Spirit of God is married to His Righteousness.
His virtues are in harmony with His Word.
In practice, the kind of love that gets tiresome is of the flesh, selfish and generated in hell.
It always leads to death.
And worse, to eternal death.

But true love comes from God and is faithful until death.
It does not get tiresome, weary, quits or ends.

This is the kind of love the Most High has offered mankind.
He never gives up!

Even though He was cruelly rejected, ridiculed, despised and even hated, His hands are always extended to save those who want to be saved.

Question: How can I love and be loved by the love that comes from God?
Answer: when you receive the Spirit of Love, this is, the Spirit of God.

Only He is able to give you the discernment to understand when the love you receive from someone else is true or false.

This is why it’s worth investing ALL YOUR STRENGTH, ALL YOUR UNDERSTANDING, ALL YOUR HEART AND ALL YOUR LIFE in seeking the Spirit of God during the upcoming Fast of Daniel, beginning on the 29th of January 2015. There will be 21 days of total or partial abstinence (depending on your studies or work) from any secular information, entertainment, sports, Internet, shopping malls, movies theaters, TV, soap operas, etc. We will completely dive into the Word of God.

Our all in exchange for the GOD’S ALL.

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