When a servant becomes king

We are constantly seeing the damage caused by earthquakes in various parts of the world on the news. The images are striking: people frantically being shaken back and forth, trying to hold on to something without being able to gain stable footing. Many end up hit by collapsing buildings because of the tremors. Cracks and craters open in the ground. Massive loss and death happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Have you tried to imagine what it feels like to have the ground shaking under your feet? This is a dire situation in which no one wants to find themselves in.

However, many who are in the Work of God have unfortunately caused a devastating earthquake in their lives. The Bible says that when a servant becomes king, the earth trembles Proverbs 30.21-22. The ground shakes and no one can bear up. A real earthquake happens under the feet of servants who become masters of themselves. And everything they built during their years as servants comes crashing down in the blink of an eye.

This is because what sustains us in the Kingdom and the Work of God is the fact that we truly have Jesus as our Lord. His authority is responsible for our stability and balance. Therefore, when someone stops being a servant and puts himself in the place of a master, he can no longer be sustained by God, nor will he be able to sustain himself for long. This is when the tremors begin: pride, sin, self-sufficiency, hurt, deceit, greed, malice… All of which cause great havoc. And who is able to remain standing under these conditions?

This is why many claim to leave the Work of God for such small things. Often, it’s because something was taken out of context, they were spoken to in a harsh manner, were reprimanded, were given advice that went against their will or suffered an injustice; these are enough for them to fall. The truth is that they did not fall because of these things, but because an earthquake was already happening under their feet, and their foundation was shaken. They went from being servants to masters, no longer serving because they wanted to be served. And, because they weren’t and couldn’t, they abandoned what God entrusted them, as if they were doing the Most High a favor.

The servants of God remain standing, but those who serve themselves are swallowed up by the earth. We were called to serve, not to be served. All those who have this second intention within themselves have lost sight of what the Work of God is, and they will not remain in it or the Kingdom of God – because they reign over their own lives, it is no longer the Lord Jesus.

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