What was inside the Ark of the Covenant.




The Ark of the Covenant was built of acacia wood and covered with pure gold inside and out; its measurement was 1.30 m long, 0.70 m wide and 0.70 m high. On the lid of the Ark was placed the mercy seat and two cherubims, all made of one piece of pure gold.

Inside the Ark were kept the tablets of the Covenant, Aaron’s blossoming rod, a golden urn containing the manna, and the Book of the Law, which was placed beside the Ark as a witness against the rebellion of the people of Israel. This Ark was the sign of God’s presence with His people on their way to Canaan.
When Moses built the Tabernacle in the desert, it was placed inside the Holy of Holies and went before the people through their journey in the desert, so that:

“And when the ark departed, Moses said, Arise, O LORD, and let thine enemies be dispelled, and let them that hate thee flee before thee. And when he rested, he said, O LORD, return unto the thousands of thousands of Israel. (”Numbers 10: 35,36)

 The original has disappeared and to this day we do not know its whereabouts but by the direction of the Holy Spirit the universal church of the kingdom of God has built a replica of the ark of the covenant that is being used to awake people’s faith in God.

We do not worship the ark but it serves to remind us of God’s promises for our lives and God’s will to make a covenant with His people.


We will be receiving the Ark of the Covenant on October 27 at 11 AM at Meridian Hall  (1 Front St E, Toronto).

For more information Call 1 833 627.2448

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