What seemed impossible, HAPPENED!

How can a man be born again when he is already old?

This question has intrigued many people and nations. What is the possibility of changing the course of someone’s life, when many years have passed and nothing has changed? On the contrary, the trends of this world are only getting worse with all the wars, hatred, confusion, etc. and man is losing sight of what is right.
Though wrong may seem right, and unrighteousness has become normal, hundreds of people throughout Switzerland decided to stop living according to what others think or under the influence of religions. Instead, they chose to be guided by an intelligent faith. They decided to surrender to the One that has the Power to transfigure them. To achieve a real and true encounter with the Holy Spirit, they publicly disclosed their faith, through the baptism in water.

“For a long time I strove to be a good man, but in exchange all I received was evil. I believed in a god and followed strict religious beliefs, because my entire family is Muslim.
But, today, I assume my faith in the God I found at the Universal Church. A God that has prospered me, delivered me of insomnia and anxiety, and healed me of the beginning of paralysis on the left side of the body. So now I give Him my life.”

– Hassan



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