What is God’s address?

I doubt someone lives in a shack by choice. We always look for the best place to live, somewhere we will feel good. Our home needs to meet our requirements and conditions.

The Universe is extraordinary! It’s made up of planets, comets, stars, galaxies, etc., everything works together perfectly. The Earth is like a big ship where there are a multitude of creatures, including humans.
But, what is God’s address? Where does He live?

Jesus said: If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make our home with him. John 14.23

Many seek God to solve their urgent needs and receive an answer, just like the sea receives water; the sun receives fire to produce light; etc.
However, a void remains within them, exactly like what happens with every human being. It’s as if there is an enormous hole, and without knowing how to fill it, they end up consuming whatever the world offers. Of course, the devil wraps it all up nicely, with illusions and fantasies.

God wants us to be His address, His dwelling place; He wants to live in us and, with this, fill our inner being. Obviously, just like we are demanding about our home, we must also meet the conditions of the Lord Jesus.

How many people claim to love God? When we ask this question during a meeting, it is difficult to find someone who keeps their hand lowered. But when the meeting ends and we begin counseling, we realize that many of the hands that were raised did not correspond to the truth. Perhaps the intention exists, but the Lord Jesus knows who truly loves Him. Perhaps, for us, it is difficult to know, but He knows who has shown regard for His Word and been zealous in keeping It. Even though we do not see Him, He is continuously seeing what we are doing, thinking, our actions, etc.

If you love the Lord Jesus, then your word, your behavior, your choices and your lives will show the whole world that you are the address of God here on Earth.

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