What did Abraham want the most

Most likely, the answer automatically came to mind: “A child, of course”. But, the truth is that Abraham wanted much more than that, as we can tell from his actions. The desire that burned inside his chest was not simply to receive a blessing, a son, but to be a blessing and bring forth a nation for the glory of God.

What Abraham wanted the most was not a child. If all he wanted was a child, he would not have sacrificed him on the Altar – after all, he already had him! What Abraham wanted the most was to please God.

There was a time when all he wanted was a child. Abraham’s vision was focused on this.

“Lord God, what will You give me, seeing I go childless?” Genesis 15.2

Immediately, God brought him outside and showed him the stars in the sky. Then, Abraham’s vision was opened.

From that moment on, he realized that his plans were no longer in question; this was the Plan of God. His request, which until that moment seemed so great, became insignificant compared to what God wanted – after all, what is a son compared to a nation? The hero of faith realized that a child could have fulfilled his needs, but this was not enough to satisfy the needs of the Plan of God. From then on, what he wanted the most was to please God, fulfilling the needs of His project through the nation that would be born of him.

When we realize that what we have and want is small compared to what God has and wants, we will no longer be afraid to sacrifice, or give whatever it may be. Though he felt the pain throbbing in his chest, Abraham gave his son on the Altar, because his focus was no longer on Isaac, but the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea. His dream was God’s dream, and Abraham knew that God would never ask him to do something that would hinder His own dream.

Maybe you are only focused on one son – resolving one problem, whether it’s your family, love life, finances or health – and have not understood the greatness of what God plans to do through your life. Perhaps this son is enough for you, but it isn’t enough for God. And what do you want the most? Please yourself or please God? Hang on to what you already have and want, or hang on to what God has and wants for you and for mankind?

Abraham was not selfish. On the contrary: he was not afraid to let go of his dream in exchange for the dream of God. And, in the end, do you know what he learned? He didn’t need to remain without his son, he just couldn’t have his heart set on him. And, because Abraham’s heart was not set on his son – but in God –, the Most High was able to fulfill his desire, and add even greater achievements in his life.

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