A Chain of Prayer is when you attend a prayer meeting for a certain number of weeks without interruption in order to see a breakthrough in your life whether it is healing, a financial breakthrough or spiritual deliverance. A Chain of Prayer helps you develop the faith and determination to overcome.

Before starting a Chain of prayer, decide the following:

1) What do you want to fight for?

2) Which day or days will you come? (Schedule)

 A requirement to making a Chain of Prayer is that you attend a Sunday service every week.

When a person makes a Chain of Prayer, their faith is encouraged, awakened and prepared to take possession of God’s promises. But due to the seriousness of their problems, some are so overwhelmed and worried that they find it hard to use their faith in the first prayer meeting they attend. Though it does happen, only a few receive what they want on their very first visit.

3) Ask for your Pastor’s advice

He will teach you, step by step, how to use your faith to overcome your problems. If you are attacked with doubt or confusion, or if your faith gets weak, do not hesitate to ask for help. Don’t be shy. One word of advice can prove to be invaluable, even more than a prayer. The essence of a Chain of Prayer is to teach you to be independent, to depend on yourself and God alone!

4) Persevere

When you begin a Chain, you are picking a fight with the root of your problems, and negative forces can try to stop you from completing the Chain, but no matter what happens, DO NOT BREAK IT! Be serious about this. It would better not to start a Chain than to start and not finish.

It’s up to you!

No matter how big your problem is, a Chain of Prayer will help you overcome. In fact, being faithful to a Chain of Prayer is proof of your faith in God.

Have you had ENOUGH of suffering? If so, start your Chain of Prayer at The Universal Church nearest you this week!

Take a look at our schedule of services and read the brief description for each day. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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  1. I would like to know if the church is open now for services and I would like to have someone to pray with me I do not want to take this vaccination due to my Religion-so I need some prayers.Please can you help me.

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