Victims of fear

May the Shadow of the Almighty guide your life TODAY AND ALWAYS!

Today’s tip is for the victims of fear. Fear of unemployment, divorce, loneliness, illness; this is, fears and more fears.

To resist these feelings from hell, the Holy Bible states the following expression: “Do not be afraid,” 366 times. This is a daily reminder from God that we should not listen to any earthly voice, but to the Voice that comes from Above.
Another thing: the Bible clearly shows that God NEVER PERFORMED ANY MIRACLES WITHOUT THE PARTNERSHIP OF MAN.

The blind man needed to cry out to be healed;
Lazarus’ resurrection needed his sister’s supplication;
To be delivered from Egypt the children of Israel needed to cry out, etc.


The blind man had to be blind to be healed;
Lazarus had to be dead to be resurrected;
Israel had to be enslaved to be set free…

Therefore, analyze your current situation. Instead of being haunted by the spirit of fear, be amazed that, no matter how big your need may be, it is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR A GREAT MIRACLE!

But, know:
His intervention in your life DEPENDS ON YOUR PARTNERSHIP AND NEED.

Don’t stand there begging for prayers. Use your own Faith, like the blind man, and CHARGE God to fulfill His Promise!

It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes. Psalm 119.71

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