Unforgettable Experience

Hello, Bishop!

I would like to share my experience in the Temple of Solomon. It was the first time I went. I am from the city of Macaé (RJ). The trip was long and exhausting, but it was worth the sacrifice.

We arrived at the Temple at 3:30pm, and as soon as I stepped onto the terrace I was involved by the presence of God. It is one thing to see pictures of the Temple on the Internet, but it’s completely different when we contemplate the greatness of God up close.

At 5:45pm I went inside to attend the meeting. As I entered, I was amazed not only by the structure of the Temple, but how spiritual this Holy Place truly is. Bishop, I had recently been experiencing some spiritual fatigue because of some setbacks, but as soon as we began seeking the Holy Spirit with Bishop Clodomir, I forgot about everything and everyone, and concentrated solely on seeking the presence of God. It was so strong, so strong, that at that moment I found Jesus and was spiritually renewed.

I never experienced anything like this! I was waging a great battle against my own will, but I firmly believe that I overcame it, right there, in the Temple of Solomon. The Lord’s Supper was more than just an opportunity for renewal; it was the beginning of God’s extraordinary in my life.

I will come back more often, with new goals, and believing in the promise you made during the early construction phase of the Temple: by merely setting foot in this place, we would be blessed.
I never stopped believing in what you said.

Thank you, Bishop!

May God bless you!

Douglas Alves da Silva

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