True love

Most people don’t have a clear understanding of what love is. It is often confused with passion, emotions and feelings that are merely physical. This is why we hear expressions like the “love died” and we see people doing crazy things in the name of a “love” they idealized for themselves. Marriages have become temporary and fleeting, and many have suffered terribly. The love of this world has an expiration date, but it’s not the original love that was created by God.

True love begins when you are aware of what the other person needs, and not what you need; this is, when you focus on what you have to do for him, and not on what he should do for you. The love God created is focused on giving, without worrying about receiving. Because, as it is written, love does not seek its own interests (1 Cor 13.5). It is not a feeling, like most blindly believe; it is an action. It’s a noble and absolutely unselfish act. And it is by practicing this act that a pure and intelligent feeling develops for someone.

A woman who loves her husband gives him what he needs, not what she wants to give him. And a man who loves his wife also tends to her needs, even without feeling like doing so. This is how a couple discovers their love for one another: when one strives to fulfill the role assigned to them by God in the life of the other. Such an act requires sacrifice, and this is precisely the main characteristic of true love.

Those who know how to love are those who are against contemporary thoughts, and submit to the Plan of God. They are truly happy and can convey happiness, by living the principles of the Word of the Most High for the formation and maintenance of a home. Wise men and women fulfill their proper roles within their home, without trying to be equal to each other, because they understand they are different and are there to add to one another, not to compete or take their partner’s place.

The world does not know true love because it has neglected the discipline of the Kingdom of God. In a scenario where women fight to be superior to their husbands, and men withdraw because they feel useless, it’s no wonder both sides have been so unhappy. If they would simply correspond to each other’s needs, they would be valued and have their own needs met as well. But, by prioritizing their individual desires, they tread a path of pain and loneliness. They want to go above and beyond, but turn away from the basics, the essential.

Therefore, if you want a home that is ruled by Divine love, you must first know Its Author, and the Principles He sets for the constitution of this home. Only those who know the True God and live under His Plans know what true love is.

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