Times of incommensurable joy

Good morning, Bishop!

Times of triumph, times of incommensurable joy, is what we’re all experiencing!

The truth is that everyone, who is part of the Universal Church, are bound together forever by the Spirit of Love.

I had the privilege of visiting the Temple, and everywhere I looked I saw thousands of people in the same faith, the same Spirit of Love. It was actually wonderful that you began the meeting early because we couldn’t wait any longer to enter the Sanctuary of Sacrifice.

Bishop, I felt like I was in Israel, I felt like I was in heaven, and when you walked in wearing the ephod and kippah, it was as though you became one of the patriarchs of faith. As soon as I entered the Sanctuary, I was overcome by the strong anointing of the sanctuary – which is immense – and I had a deep desire to praise God.


Many wept, others prayed, but everyone was touched and overcome with joy!!!


Finally, in regards to the construction of the Temple, besides being a concrete representation of the spiritual house of GOD ALMIGHTY, IT SYMBOLIZES THE GREAT STRENGTH OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH, WHO, GUIDED BY YOUR FAITH, BUILT THE TEMPLE.


Josenia Antunes Vieira



I used to judge the work of the Universal Church, but today I am part of this world of people that are different. That’s right, we are different in the way we think, our character, our faith.

I only have reasons to rejoice. I’m happy to be a result of the work of the Holy Spirit through the assistants, pastors and bishops of the UCKG. What other religion or denomination would accept a transvestite to participate in their meetings?

That’s right!!!

That’s how I came to the Universal Church, which I spoke so ill of… But they welcomed me, counseled me and delivered me from the bondage of homosexuality.

Today, completely delivered, I am in the faith, happy. And on June 21, 2014 I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

What glory, what an honor!


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