Through one person

Through one person, Adolf Hitler, about 70 million people were decimated during the 2nd World War.

If the power and authority of one person that had an alliance with evil brought countless tragic consequences, the power and authority of a person that has a covenant with God can bring countless blessed consequences.

Through one person, Noah, God began populating the planet.

Through one person, Abraham, God separated a nation on Earth so the Messiah would be born from them.

Through one person, Moses, God delivered millions of people out of slavery.

Through one person, Joseph, all the nations were fed during a time of drought.

And the examples continue – both for good and for evil.

For great things to happen, for historical facts to be realized, for an instance to become a turning point and a true defining moment, changing the future of thousands, millions and billions of people, the actions of ONE man were enough. We can clearly see the power every human being has within themselves to transform situations and the world around them. This power does not depend on favorable circumstances, age, religion, place or time. This power depends exclusively on the faith you have in it.

We clearly saw the horrific consequences this power had when it became allied with evil, so imagine the wonderful consequences it can have when it’s allied with good, which is God? The things God wants to do through you are even greater – for good – than the devil did through Hitler – for evil. If Hitler was able to decimate 70 million people, imagine how many people God wants you to save? If Hitler was able to destroy millions of families, imagine how many families God wants you to help rebuild? If Hitler was able to make the whole world grieve, imagine how much God wants you to be responsible for a feast in heaven?

Through one person. And this person can be you. It only depends on your faith.

We cannot accept to be used by God to do small things, while the devil uses people to do great things!


If you have been crying, even if it has been quietly and without anyone noticing, if you are enslaved because of a problem, be sure to take part in the Sunday of Salvation for all those who grieve.

In every Universal Church, this Sunday, May 17, all the men of God will be in one Spirit, in one faith, to bring comfort to those who grieve. And this will not be a fleeting comfort that passes with time, but something definitive for your life. Do you believe?

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