Three kinds of servants

A servant of God is a person that is called, chosen and contemplated with the Holy Spirit. The Most High counts on his work to fulfill His plan for Salvation. But unfortunately, many servants, rather than acting as workers together with God (2 Corinthians 6.1), have prevented others from knowing the Lord Jesus by behaving contrary to His will.

In a parable in the Word of God, He describes the kind of servant that pleases Him (Matthew 25.14-30). This description is summed up in two qualities: good and faithful. But what do these characteristics mean? How can they interfere with the growth of the Kingdom of God? And what happens if one of these is not found in a servant of the Most High?
A good servant is someone that bears fruit, is competent, puts all his strength into what he does and continues to grow the qualities he possess. His achievements are notable. Skilled, he adds to the Kingdom of God and multiplies the talent he received from his Lord. Indifference and complacency are not part of his vocabulary.

A faithful servant is considered a person who possesses a sincere intention to glorify the Lord Jesus. He is aware that he was chosen for a higher purpose than his own life. With a pure heart, he considers the Sovereignty of God and knows he can’t do anything without Him. He is honest and has character.

This is why we see many servants who are good, but not faithful, and also many servants who are faithful, but not good. There are also those who are good and faithful, however, they are very few.

The first achieve impressive results when it comes to their work, but it is done with the intention of bringing glorify to themselves. They do everything for themselves, not for God. They want to, somehow, achieve personal benefits through their ministry. This can harm the Salvation of others, since there is a high risk of them causing a scandal.

Then, there are those who, please the Lord with their intentions, but lack in other areas because they fail to put their all into what they do, never seeking to make a difference. They do not challenge themselves, do not improve and are content with very little. They do not save more people because of their lack of effort.

Last, the good and faithful are those who please God in what they do and who they are. Visionaries, seeking greater things in order to present the Lord with excellent results because they are delighted to satisfy Him and exalt Him in this world. They give there all with the pure intention of saving more people.

The question is: which of the three types of servant are you?

Be vigilant servants of God! Do not let your personal ambitions or complacency prevent others from achieving Salvation! Repair your shortcomings, for the Most High is counting on you in His great work! Always present yourself before Him as a complete servant, whose hands are calloused, but whose heart is clean.

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