There was a celebration in heaven! The devil lost

Good morning, Bishop!

I would like to share our joy with you, because it is not only mine, but all my brothers in arms in Switzerland.

We held baptisms in some Churches because new people have been coming and the need arose. Surely, God rejoiced greatly because of this.

Among those who were baptized was a former Muslim who accepted Jesus. Everyone was overjoyed to leave their old life behind and accept Salvation through the Lord Jesus.

The last man to be baptized (he is the one without the gown in the photos) was at the beach with his daughters and, while we were baptizing, he explained to his daughters that this was an act of purification before God.

My wife spoke to him and explained what baptism really meant, so he got up and went to the pastor that was with me to ask if he could be baptized because he acknowledged that he needed to put some mistakes behind him and no longer wanted to continue drinking. He accepted the Lord Jesus as His only God. Immediately, we baptized him and he said it was the happiest day of his life because he wanted to lead a good life with the Lord Jesus and had found Him.

Bishop, we were speechless.

Our God is Great, especially when we do our part and depend on Him.

It was a great blessing! But the next one will be better!

Pastor Filipe Monteiro – Switzerland

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