Theocracy, monarchy, dictatorship, democracy or what

Which government system works best for a nation?

A citizen does not have the right to choose the best government system for his country, but he can do this for his personal life. Thank God every person has the right and privilege to make their choice, regardless of other citizens. This is precisely what the Lord Jesus proposes to His followers when He says:

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8.32

Though the government of this world does not give you the opportunity to choose which government system meets your spiritual expectations, you receive this right through the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the only chance and the only guarantee of life with abundance.

When the people of Israel settled in the Promised Land, their government system was theocratic, this is, the government was led by the Spirit of God through His God-appointed prophets. For this reason, no enemy could resist Israel. The Red Sea, the Jordan River or even the highest walls of Jericho were nothing before the God of the Angel Armies. All the enemies of the people of God fell before them until they conquered the Holy Land, because they were led by the Spirit of the Lord Almighty.

The same is true today for the people who say they are of God. Every Christian has to apply the same government system (theocratic) in his life when he wants to take possession of his Promised Land (Eternal Salvation). And, as the Lord’s cloud guided Israel night and day without ceasing through the deserts, the Spirit of the Lord has also guided those who submit to His direction (theocratic system). Obviously, in a theocratic system, there can be no corruption, lying, deceit and all other forms of unrighteousness or sin. Everyone must continue to obey the Word of the Eternal unconditionally. This was the recipe for success left by the children of Israel until they entirely conquered the Promised Land.

However, the envy they had of their neighbors, whose government system was a monarchy (kingdom of men), caused the princes of Israel to ask the Lord for the same system, which is the monarchy that would later become anarchy. From then on, the slavery of men was born by men.

The concept of theocracy (which forms the theocratic state) arose from the Greek, where “teo” means “god” and “cracia” means “government”, this is, theocracy means “Government of God” or “divine government.”

The question remains: What government system are you subject to: theocratic or “demo”-cratic?

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