The Work of God and the Love Therapy

I was speaking to the pastor from our Church in Vila Mariana (Brazil) about the assistants and their thoughts on the Love Therapy. I told him to ask at them during the assistants’ meeting, “Which one of you wants to have marital problems?” Of course, nobody raised their hand. Just like no one wants to fall into sin and so, to prevent this, they invest in their communion with God. This should be the way you consider the Love Therapy as well – prevention, not only to solve problems. Waiting to have problems in your love life/marriage to go to the Love Therapy is like waiting to fall into sin to seek God.

Unfortunately, many who do the Work of God, even pastors, think that doing the Work of God is a shield against all problems. Take a look at the pastor’s case study on Bishop Macedo’s blog. Marital problems never crossed his mind. Until the day came where he did have a problem. And he ended up losing his place in the Work of God as well.

Doing the Work of God is not a shield. On the battlefield, the enemy looks for those who are distracted. You may be distracted and not paying attention to your marriage, but the devil is. You may not be paying attention to your wife, but another man is. A wife may not be paying attention to her husband, but another woman is. The enemy looks for the element of surprise, he moves in subtly, when you least expect it.

Many pastors teach (or have taught in the past) that the Love Therapy is only for people who can’t find their other half or are experiencing marital problems. They have even said to the assistants: “Don’t worry about your love life, do the Work of God and He will take care of you.” The funny thing is that they’ve never said this to the assistants about their finances, for example. “Do the Work of God and He will take care of your finances.” Why is this, right?

The Friday chain of prayer is temporary in the life of a Christian. The person comes, is delivered, and no longer needs to participate in this chain – as long as he remains in the faith and filled with the Holy Spirit, he will no longer have a demon in his life. On Tuesday, the same thing applies. The same thing goes for the chain of prayer against addictions. Therefore, there are a couple of days that need constant maintenance in the life of a Christian, because they deal with areas that never stop needing attention, just like the Bishop said: (1) the Love Therapy, the genesis of the Church; (2) Wednesday and Sunday, Salvation and the Holy Spirit; and (3) Monday, for those who want to prosper.

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