The Trinity of God

When you learn the Hebrew language it is impossible not to come across the Word of God all the time, especially since the language spoken in Israel was created after how the Word of God was written. The Word of God is what preserves the Hebrew language in its original form.

Everything in Biblical Hebrew has a meaning. The names of people; the names of places, why a place is called by a particular name; even someone’s name, like Jacob, which was changed to Israel after of an important event.

The same happened with Abram.

God changed his name when He presented Himself to Abraham as the Almighty God, making a covenant with him through circumcision and changing his name to Abraham.

Everything in Hebrew has a symbol and a meaning.

When God presented Himself to Abraham as the Almighty God or the God Most High, in Hebrew this translates to “El Shaddai”. The first letter that God presents Himself with is “Sha”.

In Hebrew, this letter is ש, where three branches protrude from one stem – one divides into three. God is Triune. Also, one cannot truly know God without knowing the Lord Jesus and to know God we must receive His Spirit. Everything is implied: 3 in 1, or 1 in 3 manifestations.

You need to have the Holy Spirit, who is God, to know Him completely. If not, He has not revealed Himself to you yet.

How can you not participate in the days of Consecration (Separation) from everything that is futile, empty and worldly, if you truly want to know God completely?

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