The Ten Commandments

Hello, Bishop!

Like every other intelligent being on the planet, my husband and I are following The Ten Commandments story. This story is very strong! So far, I’ve only heard praise. A person would have to be VERY biased and narrow-minded not to recognize its worth. The haters, who criticized and ridiculed Record TV, fell silent when the story debuted. Disappeared. It’s no wonder, because in so many years of television drama, there was never been such a well-structured story (great lines, great direction, great scenes, great production, great stages, great performances, well thought-out characters, teaches lessons naturally). We are truly living a historic moment. And, managing to pass Spirit in this manner, we’ll be able to reach out to many people, especially in Brazil.

The territory that was once dominated by the worst character distortions is now being occupied by good values. Love, hope, faith, friendship, respect for others, sacrifice and faith – true faith, which has nothing to do with religion. Therefore, though the story portrays an ancient civilization, more than three thousand years ago, we can identify with the characters from The Ten Commandments as if they we were there, or they were here. Time is irrelevant, because the conflicts they experience are everyday conflicts. The story is relatable to man, to our struggles and the futility of trying to resolve them without God. It speaks of the strength that has always, and will always, only come by faith.

Besides all these things, The Ten Commandments has caused many to read the Bible in search of better understanding the plot (or for spoilers, lol). People, who were not interested in the Bible, began to take interest. I believe this is a public service. The story is being put together so carefully… it’s a shame that it’s going to end soon. The time Moses spent in the desert with the people was so long and intense, it would surely have provided enough material for another hundred episodes and we’d be able to continue watching until The Promised Land begins, lol.

But I know that The Ten Commandments came as a step of courage, because it was the first daily biblical story in the world. During a time where cynicism seems to reign, the story showed us that the old stories of the Bible, with their rich content, remain extremely current and able to touch us deeply. I am glad to have witnessed this historic milestone. After this story, Brazilian television and the Brazilian people will never be the same.

God bless you!

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