The symptoms of sin

Sin is a disease that leads the soul to eternal death. Similar to cancer, it spreads silently. Many people lead normal lives with cancer, without seeking treatment, because they don’t know they’re carrying a root of death within themselves, those who live in sin often lead normal lives as well, without seeking reconciliation, because they don’t know they’re also carrying a root within that will lead them to hell.

But, just as cancer and other fatal diseases display symptoms, sin also has its symptoms. And the symptom of sin is disobedience.

A sin can be very well hidden, but the actions and reactions of a disobedient person show that it is in their heart. The same way an internal disease manifests itself externally, in a visible form, through strange signs in the body, sin will also manifest itself externally through rebellious attitudes, in such a way that, what was invisible becomes visible.

Disobedience may be the tip of the iceberg of pride, malice, envy, arrogance, lack of fear, being apart from God, selfishness, spiritual weakness, greed and all other sins. It is an injustice that signals many other injustices. This is why, those who disobey the Word of the Most High or the authority He established probably carry some or many of these evils within themselves.

If you have reacted in a disobedient manner in any regard concerning the things of God, you should seek, as soon as possible, the cure for the disease of sin that is spreading within you. You may not know of the existence of this evil within yourself, but from now on, you have the understanding to identify it and a chance to get rid of it.

Do not ignore the symptoms: it is a warning for you to realize that something is wrong and have the opportunity to start doing what is right. Those who ignore it, reject the treatment of humbleness and repentance, waste the chance of being healed and fall to eternal death.

For the wages of sin is death… Romans 6.23

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