The Spirit and the souls

Just like Jesus came into the world to give His life as ransom for many souls, the Holy Spirit also came to replace Him and continue His work through His servants.

Those sealed with the Spirit, are automatically aware of their responsibilities in regards to the Salvation of souls. They think about those who are lost all the time because the Spirit Himself does not allow them to rest. It is impossible for a person to have the Spirit of God and not think about lost souls like He has thought about them.

Saving souls is the hardest job in the world. It is so hard that God sent His Own Spirit to help us save them.

I believe with all my heart that the main reason for the coming of the Holy Spirit is not to praise Him, worship Him or anything of the likes, but to enable his servants to win souls.

I would rather win one soul for Jesus than to live the rest of my life praising His Name. After all, what kind of worship, song or praise would be enough when the sound of the desperate cries of those going to hell weighs heavy within me?

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