The religious person and the sinner

People always ask: Why are there so many who have followed the Gospel for such a long time, yet their lives are at a standstill, both when it comes to their relationship with God (salvation), and also in achieving an honorable life on Earth.

Whereas newly converted Christians, who still have many things to change and transform, are moving forward in every aspect of life, conquering and glorifying God.

The answer is very simple: this is all due to the investment that is made or not made in the Prophesy.

Lets take a look at Judas, who represents those who have been in the presence of God for some time. He walked with Jesus (the Prophesy) for more than 3 years and turned his back on Him for 30 coins, money that the devil did not let him use because he claimed his life and soul. Matthew 27.3-5

Now let’s take a look at a woman who was a sinner, full of mistakes and faults, very young in the faith, but during an act of surrender and sacrifice, she poured out perfume worth 300 denarii (almost a year’s worth of earnings) to justify her faith in Jesus (the Prophesy). John 12.1-8

The Prophesy determined that wherever the Gospel would be preached, her faith would be remembered. And who are we going to speak about now?

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