The Prophecy

“Imagine Moses with the mass media we have today at his disposal! Think of watching the ten plagues of Egypt live on TV. What about the Red Sea being parted in front of five billion people, or the bread from heaven, or the quail?

Imagine the battle between the Israelites and Philistines as news all over the world, describing the fight between David and Goliath.

How many people would be converted to the Living God if all means of modern day technology served the Work of God? …because as we know, what God did in the past He does in the present; He never changes.”

This is an excerpt from the book “Revival of the Spirit of God”, which was written in 1996. When I wrote it at the time, I never imagined it would be fulfilled on the big screen throughout Brazil, with the release of “The Ten Commandments – The Movie”, on January 28. This proves that the God of the Bible, the same yesterday and today, honors the faith and sincere intentions of the heart.

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