The prophecy was fulfilled…

It’s one thing is to read prophecies that came true in Bible times, and another to discover what the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel is doing AT THIS MOMENT IN THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH.

Read this recent comment:

Bishop, by way of this email I’d like to relate what happened on April 28th, 2014.

Around 11am my grandmother called me, saying that my uncle’s step-daughter, who is 3 years-old, was very ill and in the hospital. When I finished speaking with my grandmother, I made a prayer for the little girl. As soon as I had finished, I got a call telling me that the little girl was dead.

I was filled with revolt because I had just finished asking God to visit her in hospital and heal her. Straight after that, the mother of the little girl called me in desperation looking for comfort, but I had no words of comfort to give. What came to my mind was to tell her to get a cup of water and hold it firmly, and that I would make a prayer, and when I finished praying that she should wet the girl’s lips, head, and chest, and that’s what she did.

I hung up the phone and went to do what you always teach us:  complain with God. I picked up my Bible, went to the roof of my house, got on my knees, and began to complain with God.

Since we are preparing for the Day of the Prophecy, I prophesied. I was filled with an immeasurable revolt. I did not accept losing this battle, even though, for physical eyes this was completely impossible.

At around 3pm the mother called me to say that they were placing the little girl’s body in a coffin. But even while she was saying this, I would not accept it because I had prophesied that the girl would live.

While we were still on the phone, the person placing the girl in the coffin called the mother over and said: “I can’t continue, I have the feeling that she is breathing.”

Doctors were then called and confirmed that the little girl was indeed alive. She was speechless and went over to her.  A short while later the little girl was calling: “Mommy!”

The little girl´s mother went to thank the God of the Universal Church at the church closest to the hospital, the same church she had just been to, to pray for strength to deal with her loss. Only this time she went there to thank the Lord Jesus.

This is one of the many prophecies that are going to be fulfilled! I BELIEVE IN THE PROPHECY!


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