The “poor of Faith”

They have a family, health, marriage, money… but, the truth is that they are poor because the greatest wealth of all is out of their reach.
By using Faith we can be healed, have a happy love life, be prosperous, be well respected, bring unity to our family… this is, you can do almost everything, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll no longer be “poor of Faith”.

But, who are the “poor of Faith”? It’s all those who have faith, use it, conquer, but do not have the Holy Spirit. This is why they are “poor”, children in the faith and are not Children of God yet. Unfortunately, there are many “poor of Faith” in churches, who apparently have everything, but lack the Essential.

Now, the children of God are different… they shine. And because they shine, their clothes are resplendent. And, though at this present moment, their family is divided, their marriage is not perfect, no fame, wealth, love life, but because the children of God Shine, they are different and make all the difference! And because they are His children, they fully understand that everything God Promised, just like Jesus said, “all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6.33), will be fulfilled in their life.

The “poor” that started out as “children”!

When you go to the mall, take a look at the children around you. They throw tantrums; they want candy, toys… They want a bunch of things that they don’t need. Many of the things they want won’t be of any use to them, and may even endanger their health and safety.

On the other hand, when a father and mother, who are mature adults, go to the mall, they have an objective and go straight to what they need to buy. Children want things that are appealing to the eye, because they have no insight or maturity. So it’s understandable that we, as adults, have to help and protect them. We can’t give them what they want, but what they need. This is what a good father and a good mother will do!

It is no different when it comes to the Church! There are many “children” in the Church that want everything: a happy love life, prosperity, family, fame, successful finances, baptism with the Holy Spirit – and everything at once. And what ends up happening? They don’t receive anything… So, they throw a tantrum with God, saying: “If the Lord doesn’t bless me, I’m going to stop coming to Church”. When the truth is that God has already blessed them, but due to their childishness, they’re unable to see or recognize it. These people forget that God does not need them; we are the ones that need God. He wants to mold us, so that we can be useful and serve Him, but for this to happen we have to agree, obey His Word. Otherwise, He will not do it, even if He wants to! Why is this? Because He does not force His will on anyone.

There are many “children in the Faith”. Time passes, and they get older, but still remain childish.

It is not uncommon to see 25 or 30 year old men with the mentality of a child. Why is this? Because when they were children, their parents did not form them, they didn’t show them how to deal with difficulties; everything was facilitated for them.

In the past, 10 and 12 year old children already had responsibilities, they were charged and given guidance; they started to work at an early age, and sometimes, it wasn’t due to financial hardship but because of their parent’s firm upbringing. From an early age, parents taught their children the importance of work, and its worth. They did not facilitate anything, so the child could mature faster and be two steps ahead.

This should also happen in our spiritual life (this is why at the Universal Church, we are disciplined and discipline those who come to have a conscious faith); otherwise, a person will be in Church for 2, 3 years and still remain a “child in the Faith”. Does he have Faith? Yes, he does! Will he be blessed? Yes, he will! Yet he will remain “poor”, because he does not have the Holy Spirit. And without the Holy Spirit you will not mature, or develop.

The mature of Faith

When a person is mature in Faith, he knows what he wants, he is defined. Does he have needs? Yes, he does! The Lord Jesus Himself said He knows them all, but He also added:

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6.33

So, why should you prioritize the Holy Spirit? Because, with the Holy Spirit, the person stops being “poor of Faith”. However, it is the person that must choose to be a “child” or “mature in the faith”. Even if you don’t have everything you need and want, when you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, then: you will be whole, you will be His dwelling place, a child of God… You will mature, develop and “all these things shall be added to you”!

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