The poncho of miracles

In August 2007, the Universal Church inaugurated a Cathedral in Guayaquil, the most populous city in Ecuador. Thousands of people gathered for the great event and received Bishop Macedo during his first visit to the country. At the end of the inauguration, the Ecuadorians presented the bishop with a traditional “poncho” on behalf of the indigenous communities of Ecuador. For them, wearing a poncho is an honor, just like it is for modern men to wear a suit and tie on a special occasion. The poncho is also used by leaders and distinct people in the indigenous society, which makes up 35% of Ecuador’s population.

Nearly nine years later, on Sunday (7), Bishop Renato Cardoso held a special meeting in the Cathedral of Guayaquil during a missionary visit to the country. Unexpectedly, the bishop surprised us by walking onto the Altar with the same poncho that Bishop Macedo received nine years prior, in the same exact place. He explained to the people: “When bishop Macedo found out I was coming to Ecuador, he asked me to bring this poncho that he received from you to bless you. I can testify that, because of his constant traveling and irregular stays, the bishop does not usually carry gifts with him. But for some reason, he kept this poncho with great care for nine years… immediately this passage came to mind:

Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. Acts 19.11-12

“Clearly, Bishop Macedo is returning to the people of Ecuador the honor he received, but now it’s in the form of blessings, which will materialize in your life through this poncho!”

With this said, in an act of faith, the bishop invited more than 3,500 people present to touch the consecrated poncho, while prayers were held for them.

Osteoporosis and blindness disappeared.

Mr. Enrique Tomala touched the poncho and immediately realized that something happened in his body. He suffered for over 20 years with severe knee pain, as well as osteoporosis and an eye problem that prevented him from seeing well. By the power of faith, Tomala testified in tears about all the pain and how the symptoms disappeared as soon as he touched the poncho. Thrilled because his sight was recovered, he began to walk without any difficulty before the multitude.
Dozens of others also testified about their experiences during the meeting.



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