The perfect lesson

It was a different kind of afternoon, where we decided to visit the Temple of Solomon. We were given a perfect lesson about our ancestors in the Old Testament. I learned many new things. There was also a lesson about the New Testament and, finally, an excellent explanation about the Holy Trinity.

With an open mind, I learned about the philosophy of the Universal Church. More than any circulating rumor, it was a life lesson! The Church truly does have a strong outreach program. Random people, who attend the Church meetings, shared their testimonies.

Combine therapy and philosophy, together with faith, in a welcoming environment, and you will obtain results.

We were able to walk in and marvel in the grandeur of the Temple. It’s a place of harmony with just the right amount of light and background music. The Temple guide, whom I want to thank very much, besides being very knowledgeable about the Bible, was open to answer questions without any hesitations. His answers were perfect, accurate and instructive!

As a Jew, this was a rewarding and respectful tour.

Nilton Sihel and family

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