The Love Therapy for Pastors

Good morning, Bishop!
I would like to share with you my experience with the Love Therapy meetings.

I am a pastor and I’m currently in Argentina. I came to the church when I was 16 years old. During my childhood, I saw my parents constantly arguing and my father cheated on my mother. Our house was a living hell and this motivated me to seek God. I participated in the chains of prayer for deliverance and my finances. Then I attended the meetings on Wednesdays and Sundays, where I received the Holy Spirit, but I had never participated in a Love Therapy meeting – the first time was with Bishop Renato Cardoso, through a conference call, three weeks ago.

When I was raised as an assistant, a desire to be happy in my love life was born within, but I was vaccinated by some assistants and even pastors against the Therapy. They would say that the Love Therapy was for those who were stuck or desperate, so I withdrew myself in this area. While the pastor was doing the Therapy, I preferred to stay in the campaign room preparing leaflets because I felt ashamed to participate.

I was called to the Altar and after four years I got married. My wife is Argentinian and I am Brazilian. We both come from broken homes, so you can imagine how our marriage was without the Love Therapy.

When I read in your blog that the Love Therapy is the most important meeting, even more than Sunday, I said to my wife: “The bishop must have been mistaken”.

But it didn’t stop there, because we received a new direction here in Argentina: Every Thursday pastors must attend the Love Therapy and our pastors’ meeting will now be on Tuesday. I thought to myself, “I’m almost 125 miles away from the headquarters and I have to travel every week to participate in the Therapy…”

I thought a perfect marriage would come over time; therefore, I should take care of my salvation, win souls and my marriage would be a blessing. I’ve only been married for two years, but I felt like there was something missing, this was when I traveled and participated in the first meeting where the bishop spoke about rare qualities. I realized that I had very few of these and my marriage would benefit if I developed more of these qualities.

Then we had the second meeting and Bishop Renato spoke about acceptance, and that our mistakes keep us apart from our beloved. I understood that in a marriage, mistakes aren’t always sins, but I wasn’t doing a lot of things a good husband should do. But the last Therapy was the most enlightening for me, not that the others weren’t, but the Holy Spirit really spoke to me strong in this one.

I realized that I was rejecting myself, and was losing my strength due to this. I even felt inferior to the other pastors. I was ashamed to share an idea, give an opinion (a month ago, I would never have had the courage to write to you). My Spanish is fluent, but when I was somewhere with a lot of people, I would tell my wife: “Go ahead, you speak because it’s your language. If we were in Brazil I would have resolved the problem myself.” As Mrs. Cristiane said during the last meeting, I was inside a cocoon…

However, it was my wife who had to endure my problem. I began looking in her for my mistakes. I would charge her for the things I didn’t do, judging her without words, but in my thoughts. I considered myself more spiritual than her: “The pastors are better than me, but my wife can’t be.” Unintentionally, I was turning my marriage into a competition, looking for mistakes in my wife to justify my negativity, nullifying her and myself as well.
But after the first meeting, I already began to think differently, and during the last meeting, when you called us forward, I went and the Holy Spirit helped me overcome that inner dialogue. Now I understand my worth and that I wasn’t annulled because He wanted me to be, but because of my own rejection.

Since then, everything has been different. I see me differently and I am sure that as a husband and a servant of God, I will never stop growing.

Bishop, now I understand why you said the Love Therapy is the most important meeting of the Church, and I can’t wait for Thursday to come.

Pastor Bruno Cezar

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