The love of money

There is no faith without discipline, without order, without rules or without regulations.
Just like there is no love without loyalty, without respect, without submission.

I believe it is easier to understand love when it is associated with money, for example. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (I Timothy 6.10).

Money is not evil. The love of money is evil. Souls have been cast into hell for devoting their unbridled greed to it. The thirst, hunger and idolatry delegated to money have been so intense that there are people who give their soul to the devil in exchange for it.

This disturbing love of money causes its victim to consider it the first and most important master of their life. For this reason, those who love it kill, steal, cheat, destroy; this is, they are capable of anything to obtain it. They adore it, worship it, reverence it, surrender to it, submit to it and literally become its slave. All of this is done for the love of money.

Now imagine if the same love and dedication were offered to the One and Only Lord of lords! If so, Jesus would not have needed to come into the world to sacrifice Himself for mankind.

The truth is that those who love will submit and obey the laws of love.

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