The lost drachmas were found

Do you often look at people when they come to Church? Did you notice the lady sitting next to you, the fervent youth in front of you, the dedicated assistant working to serve or the intrepid pastor preaching? Well, many of the people we saw last month or last year are no longer with us. Maybe, even the person reading this right now, may be cold in the faith and not coming as often to the House of God.
The reality is that a large number of people abandon their faith every day. They give many reasons for doing so, such as: some didn’t keep watch and their communion with God became cold, others fell into sin and prefer to distance themselves because they feel ashamed. Still, others allowed their “old” self to resurface and began to miss their past. Another complaint is the disappointments suffered because of people. This is, the reasons people use to justify their fall are innumerous, but nothing compares to the biggest reason they have to come back: their Salvation.

No matter how lost, unworthy and guilty someone that fell away from the faith may feel, God still loves him and considers him precious. But he’s like a treasure that is lost in the filthy mud of this world, and therefore needs to be rescued. To accomplish this mission, the Church represents the arms of the Lord Jesus on earth to go in search of these people that possess such a great value.

For this reason, on the 28th, the Church resembled a large army that went out to the battlefield to rescue its wounded soldiers. The Rescue Caravan, through its servants, went in search of these lost treasures of God.

Some were found in a life of crime, prostitution, addictions; others were sick, living on the street… this is, apart from God, who could be well?

Bishop Macedo did the meeting and it was transmitted throughout Brazil via videoconference. It also reached the world, via the Internet, through TV Universal and Univer.

The Holy Spirit manifested Himself in such a way that Salvation reached thousands and thousands of anguished and distressed people. Everyone was given the opportunity to receive forgiveness and reconcile with God, so they could begin a new life.

Numerous testimonies spread through the social networks, such as D’Angelo Paixão – Itapevi – SP:

“Bishop, there are no words to express what I’m feeling! The only word that can sum it up is gratitude. I was part of the Youth Group and a candidate to be an assistant. I fell away and became enslaved by many sinful practices. But, during this meeting, God woke me up! I manifested during the prayer, but I left feeling like a heavy burden was removed and with the conviction of God’s forgiveness. The most memorable moment for me was the phrase Bishop Macedo said: God preserved us alive. While many of those who had fallen away, like we did, didn’t have a chance to go back in time, we were getting a chance. It was very strong, and I felt the Lord Jesus embrace me! It felt as though He was holding me in His arms. I intend to continue my journey of faith forever. Thank you!”

As we see such suffering in the lives of those who turned away from God, we need to fight with all our strength to remain firm in the faith! Join this army that does not forget the lost sheep, and does not measure the effort or time to go out and find it.

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