The Last Door

Read this until the end so that you can understand why darkness is so bothered by the Universal Church.

Sometimes it’s necessary for something serious to happen to wake us up.

The devil has been reaping lives on a daily basis and we often just worry about our own “problems”.

This morning, I heard screams coming from inside the Church. I thought it was just someone making a racket. When I opened the door to the sanctuary, a man was bleeding in a way that I had never seen before. Crying out, screaming, crying… begging for his life.

He had been shot in the face and was losing a lot of blood. I don’t know the exact reason why. Maybe it was a robbery, maybe it happened because of drugs.

He kept repeating: “I know I’m going to die, just please don’t let me go to hell!”

At that moment, I believe a movie flashed before his eyes, showing him all his sins and everything he did wrong. Despite the situation, I didn’t think twice and asked: “Do you accept Jesus?” He accepted. Amen for that!

If he is going to survive, I don’t know, but I did my part. And yes, I believe that if he dies, he will go to Jesus.

This happened around 7 am. No other church in Tupanciretã (Brazil) was open. This happened on Sunday morning and there was absolutely no one outside, the street was a complete desert.

Now, I ask you: What if the Universal Church was closed, where would his soul have gone?

Those of you who have criticized the Universal Church during the last couple of days, I ask you: Have we really caused harm to society? Would deceivers really be worried about an addict?

And to all who say they are of the Faith: Have you been as considerate for those who are lost as you should be?

Hell is never satisfied.

Pastor Ariel Seitenfus

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