The Holy Spirit vs. the spirit of the world – Part 1

It is a constant battle that exists between One and the other… And what is your goal? To win the souls of men!


A person that does not have the Holy Spirit, though he may be delivered, will be drawn to the things of this world… Even if he does not go back to his old ways, the things of the world will continue to strongly appeal to him, and will draw his attention.

It is inevitable for a person to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit and not be persecuted. It’s like the Lord Jesus said, “It is impossible to hide a city on a hill, much less when it has light”.

This is why most people in the Church are blind. They hear the Truth, but are blind to the reality that they need the Holy Spirit in order to personally know God. This has not happened, because they are concerned with solving their problems. They want to have their needs met, yet disregard the greatest of all their needs: the Baptism with the Holy Spirit!

Unfortunately, most of the people in Church are not Baptized with the Holy Spirit. This is true! However, I am going to prove to you that the Holy Spirit is over everyone. Who inspires you to pray, to read the Bible, to seek God, to come to Church, to seek the will of God for your life? It is the Holy Spirit!

But the Holy Spirit has not come into you yet, and He will only enter your body and possess you the day you surrender yourself completely. So the Holy Spirit is upon us. He came upon me when I accepted Jesus, and upon you when you accepted Him. In fact, it was and is He Who produces repentance in us. This is the sense of repentance you feel when you make a mistake, even if you are not baptized with the Holy Spirit.

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