The Fundamental Rock

As my daughter-in-law was flipping through the TV channels, she stopped and remained watching the “The Last Rock” and then she told me about the book, titled “The Last Rock”. Because I have a son that is addicted to cocaine, and is in an enclosed facility due to his compulsion, I was interested in knowing more about the content of this book.

I bought the book online and it arrived after a few days. I waited anxiously for the book and once it came, I began reading right away.

From page 74 on, I was drawn in even more because of the way the author, Roger Formigoni, was moved by faith and the Holy Spirit and gradually put an end to his addiction. Even when all his addict friends offered him drugs for free, he, who now had a commitment with Jesus, refused.

But what really touched me was what I read on page 100, where the author says: “This fullness only truly happens when we surrender ourselves to Jesus, the Cornerstone of our faith, which is the moment when we are set free from the ties that bind us to the addictions. Finally being presented to Jesus, the Last Stone, the Cornerstone, the day I was delivered, produced in me a much more intense and powerful effect than all of the pleasures I had experienced with drugs throughout my life, which had been so miserable until then. The safe and intimate relationship I began having with the Lord Jesus Christ made me understand that HE is the Cornerstone of my life, part of the Work of God. Unlike those who have chosen the wrong way to build their life, I chose to set the foundation of my new life upon the Living Stone, the First and Last Stone, because it is the foundation on which man can build his eternal life. ”

When I reflected on what was written and the significance of the Cornerstone, my entire body shook and I began to cry, because I understood the meaning of “The Last Rock”. When we have nowhere else to go, nowhere to ask for help, when everything seems to be lost, we have the Last Stone and the First Stone, or vice versa, the First and the Last Stone, which is JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD. Jesus is the Cornerstone that makes our Spiritual Structure solid, without danger of falling, without danger of collapsing.

Congratulations Roger, for your work, for your faith! I have already sent the book to my son so he can read it and, when he leaves the clinic, we will continue reading your work and going to the meetings, even if it’s here in my city. I’m not evangelical, I am Catholic, but I will embrace your cause and tell others as well, because during these four years that my son has been an addict, between staying clean for a few days or even months, and suddenly have a relapse, our family has learned a lot about what it means to be an addict (compulsive individual). We never stopped loving our son, we never abandoned him, but your example of faith gave us a breath of fresh air, an unusual encouragement.

We also want to have the LORD JESUS as the First and Last Stone.

May God bless you always for trying to save the millions of lost lives that have been destroyed by drugs.

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