The fight for first place

There are several things that the devil hates, but there are three that he absolutely DETESTS!

He works systematically against you! 24 hours a day, without mercy, he is strategizing evil plans to destroy you. And there are strategic points he attacks, trying to prevent you from fulfilling your part of pleasing Him to Whom you should prioritize, in all occasions!

YES, IT’S A FACT: the devil has always opposed, opposes, and will always oppose the Sacrifice, the Loyalty and our Love for God. And it is through our Offerings that we show our love, as Jesus said: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6.21

So first of all, the devil hates when you materialize your love and your gratitude, through your voluntary Offerings. And an Offering is not only monetary, the economic one we do at some point in the Meeting—Offering to God is everything we present to Him, everything we do for Him.

Secondly, the devil hates your Loyalty to God. This happens when we materialize, thus proving that God is in 1st place. And when I talk about Loyalty, I am not only referring here to the Tithes, separating a tenth of everything that comes into our hands before paying and buying, but Loyalty of having Him, yes, in 1st place—considering Him as the Most Important Person in our life, and therefore, we submit our decisions, our lives and our dreams to Him.

Finally, the devil hates this trinity, which is complemented and completed with the renunciation Sacrifice, obedience and staying dependent on God, and of the materialization of the Living Faith in the Promises of God.

This trinity of Offering, Loyalty and Sacrifice is hated by the devil, because this Gratitude, Loyal and Sacrificial Faith is only assumed by those who really surrendered themselves in spirit, soul and body; who love God with ALL their heart, with ALL their mind and with ALL their strength. In other words: Our trinity, WITH THE TRINITY OF THE LIVING-GOD!

God is with you, and so am I!

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