The devil doesn’t learn

When a person carries within himself a God-given dream and is paying the price of its realization, it is impossible that he dies before this Divine and supernatural dream is realized. Believe me, it is impossible!

And why would it be impossible if the God-given dream has to do with something unachievable to the human eye? The answer is simple and straightforward. The One to realize the dream is the same One that placed it in us, He specializes in doing the impossible, He is our God. All you have to do is practice the following verse below:

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”          Hebrews 10.23

Therefore, be ready to face and react to everything that the devil may cause to destroy your faith, because the only person that can prevent the realization of this dream is you, when you are intimidated by the battles and throw in the towel, aborting the dream.

We have two very strong examples that prove what we are saying: Joseph in the past and Bishop Macedo in the present. Notice how the devil used the same tactic with both, because, as if persecutions, mockery and disbelief of those closest to them weren’t enough, the devil, desperate and troubled with their progress, was able to use people to unfairly put both in jail!

But it did not work! Because both lived a revealed faith and not a borrowed faith, making it clear through their confident and perseverant reactions that they would never give up something that God placed in them, because their dreams were not born from personal intentions, but of a revelation from God.

He tried with Joseph but it did not work, he tried with the bishop and it did not work, and certainly, he will be doing the same with you. The devil does not learn, but he also does not give up.

May God bless you greatly!

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