The desert of the 21st century

Everything in life evolves over time. Do you remember your first car? I’m sure it wasn’t like the new one you have now, right? A long time ago, the means of transportation was a cart or wagon pulled by horses. Nowadays, some cars are so sophisticated that they speak to their drivers.

What about doing laundry? It used to be done in the river, by hitting the clothes on the rocks and wringing them by hand. Now, there are machines that do everything, even dry our clothes.

How about communication? When a person wanted to know something about someone else, he had to write a letter and wait for the postman to take it to their respective destinations. But nowadays, all you need is a tablet or smartphone that’s connected to the Internet, and you can send and receive messages quickly, in seconds!

And what do you think about payment plans? When they first appeared, it was just a paper signed as a term or promissory note. Later, payment plans gave way to credit cards and now all you have to do is use a cellphone or your thumb and a purchase or payment is made.

Many things have evolved, but there is something that remains the same to this day: THE DESERT.

The desert of the 21st century has not changed at all; it remains dry, barren, dangerous, extremely hot during the day and very cold at night. No technology, science or invention has been able to evolve or make it more appealing; it is the School of God. This is where Abraham, Moses, Elijah and the Lord Jesus Himself were trained for a great work.

And the same happens in life. You will have your own deserts. There will be moments when you cannot depend on anything or anyone, only intelligent faith, without any emotions. There will be challenges, tests, teachings and personal experiences with God. It is during the difficulties in the desert that our character is molded and we mature with God.

The desert has not evolved, but it is useful for our spiritual evolution. This is the purpose of the desert.

Life is not easy in the desert. It requires sacrifice, sacrifice and sacrifice.

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