The curse of depression

Depression is neither a fatality nor a condemnation. Depression is the state of despair of the soul.

Unfortunately, those who suffer with depression do not see it as a problem of the soul. And the more acute the level of depression is the greater the soul cries for help.

Symptoms of Depression

Imagine someone who, at a given moment, decides to throw away everything of value in their home. As he looks around, he notices the empty house and thinks to himself: “I have nothing, I will be in misery, I have no future, there is no hope for me, I am lost and I see no other way out except death…”

The feeling of a deep emptiness is the greatest pain for someone who suffers with depression. The symptoms begin with doubt, then come fear, emptiness, deep sorrow, agony and goes on.

Solution for Depression

To deal with depression you must treat the SOUL The only way to treat the SOUL is: TO HEAR the Word of God, MEDITATE on the Holy Scriptures, and ABSORVE the Spirit of the Bible.

The Lord Jesus said that:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Mathew 4.4

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