The cow’s milk

Many have come before God and given Him “the cow’s milk”, for example:

– Cain, with fruits and vegetables;

– The children of Israel in the wilderness, when they kept the manna and it spoiled;

– Gideon, with a young goat;

– The children of Israel, with prayers and water before the Philistines;

– Araunah, when he offered everything to David for free so the plague could stop;

– The rich, who put mere offerings into the treasury;

– Ananias and Sapphira, who gave half of what God asked them for, and many others.

They all had the opportunity to remain dependent of God, but they kept “the cow” and gave the milk.

After not obtaining a positive result, some recanted in time and gave “the cow”. Others, however, kept “the cow” for themselves and, in addition to losing the milk they gave (without obtaining any results), they also lost “the cow” they were holding on to.

Those who only give milk know that “the cow” they’re keeping for themselves will produce more milk. And this is not trust. This is not depending on God.

Dependence means obedience, submission, subordination and subjection.

The Almighty, the Owner of EVERYTHING does not need Isaac, the second bull, the cow, money etc. What God really wants is for man to transfer the dependence he has on people and things, to Him.

Blood on the Altar cries out, milk does not.

God does not want “the cow’s milk,” but “the cow”, so that He can give to those who have the courage to completely depend on Him, a ‘large herd’, numerous nations.

May the God of the Bible bless you!

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