The Chosen for the Altar

Many are called to the Altar, but few are chosen to go on it. The characteristics of the chosen are faith, conviction, certainty… And the Operator of faith within the chosen is the Spirit of Faith, the Same Spirit of the Altar. From then on, dreams and projects spring forth from their inner most being.

Those who are imbued with the Spirit of Faith are not worried about the sacrifice on the Altar because they are convinced the best will come from the Altar (1 Corinthians 9.13).

Dreams of faith are only realized through sacrifice. It is useless to have the title of pastor, bishop, wife or relative of a bishop. There is no favoritism in the Kingdom of God. Whoever wants to realize a dream of faith must go on the Altar and sacrifice.

Of course, as long as a person is willing to manage his problems or wait longer to realize his dreams, he cannot and should not try to walk the path of Faith.

However, those who are on the verge of despair and have nowhere else to turn, there is only one alternative: go on the Altar and sacrifice. Those who have faith to go on the Altar and sacrifice will have faith to fulfill their dreams.

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