The character of a true Christian

Bishop, about three months ago, the coach of Italy’s national soccer team personally informed me that I would be playing in the 2014 World Cup.

I confess that this was one of the happiest days of my life, because, in my eyes, 99.9% of men dream or have dreamt of playing in a World Cup, and it certainly was no different with me. The only problem was that two weeks after our conversation, I had an overload in my adductor muscles, which is common in soccer players. With plenty of rest you can obtain a speedy recovery (30 days), but for me, at that time, 30 days of recovery would cost me my dream.

We decided to continue by doing lighter training sessions so that I would be able to compete in the World Cup. Those days were so difficult for me, because while I was training the pain was unbearable. But even so, I was called to join the pre-Cup preparation group.

After a few days, the coach called me and said the following: “Romulo, just like I was honest with you, I want you to do the same with me. I was looking over some of your tests and the results were slightly below average. What’s going on?”

Bishop, at that moment I could have said several things, like: “I’m saving my best for the Cup”; “I’m afraid of hurting myself before the Cup…”, etc, etc, etc. But I chose to tell him the truth (which is something that every CHRISTIAN would do). Of course it took me a few long seconds to speak, not because I had doubts, but because I was crying so hard in front of him.

I knew that from that moment on I was pretty much out of the World Cup. But I said the following: “Coach, I’ve been in a lot of pain for over two months and I’ve tried everything, but the pain continues. I don’t think it’s fair for me to play in the World Cup when there are others that are feeling better than me.”

Bishop, he thanked me and told me to stay calm.

At the same time that my dream was evaporating, I was also overcome with an assurance that God was there with me and I had done the right thing.

I am telling you this because on July 17, 2014 I experienced an inexplicable joy in my soul!!! Oh, what a day!!! I had the honor of being taken by Bishop Marcello Brayner to see the Temple of Solomon, and after a few minutes of walking around the courtyard of the Temple we ran into you. And with your great patience, you showed me inside the Temple. We contemplated the physical and spiritual beauty of the Temple for a few seconds, which was enough to be overcome by a joy that is incomparable to any happiness received from a sporting event or acquired material possession.

Thank you, my God, for consoling me during a very difficult time and for blessing me with something so glorious and spiritual just a few days later, which is something that very few people in the world will ever experience!

I also want to thank you Bishop, for explaining to me something so strong in such a simple way: the responsibility to exhale the perfume of Jesus. And, of course, for the attention you gave me.

Romulo Caldeira

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