“The ark of the Lord remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite for three months, and the Lord blessed him and his entire household.”    

 (2 Samuel: 6.11)


This October the Universal Church in Canada is pleased to receive the Ark of the Covenant straight from the Temple of Solomon.

The Ark of the Covenant is perhaps the most famous item among the Tabernacle, the Temple of Solomon, and the Temple of Herod artifacts. The large wooden chest covered with gold was made according to God’s instructions, which commissioned Moses to make it by the hands of Bezalel, the chief craftsman of the Hebrews at the time. Inside were kept sacred objects for the Hebrews: the rod of Aaron, that had sprouted and out forth buds, had produced blossoms and yielded ripe almonds,
(Numbers 17: 8) a pot of manna, and the tablets of the Ten Commandments. But the Ark was not merely a chest, as we shall see.

He represented God Himself among men. Made of acacia wood, it was covered with gold inside and out. On its cover, called the Mercy Seat, was made of gold a piece containing two face-to-face cherubs, which bowed to the middle of the cover in adoration, pointing their wings toward it. It was between these two angels that God manifested Himself to the praying priests facing the chest, placed on an altar also of wood and gold, inside the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle or the Temple. On its sides were four gold hoops, on which two sticks of acacia and gold were threaded for transportation. Only the Levite priests could touch and carry the piece.

After crossing 4 continents the Ark Continues it’s journey now in Canada.Just as the Ark of the Covenant was present in the victories of God’s people in the past, so will it be with all the people here in Canada, reminding us of God’s Power. Come join us and bring your family to this unique moment chosen by God for you.

We will be receiving the Ark of the Covenant on October 27 at 11 AM at Meridian Hall  (1 Front St E, Toronto).

For more information Call 1 833 627.2448

Even though the Ark of the Covenant has its great historical and symbolic importance, today we know that the Covenant between God and man is not based on places or objects. As temples of the Holy Spirit that we are (1 Corinthians:6.19), it within us He dwells as long as we accept Him as our Lord though His Son, Jesus Christ.






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