The 12 most evil seeds

  1. FEAR – Of tomorrow, of problems, of challenges, of life, of people, of evil, of becoming the person you used to be, of going back to your old life… fear has the power to paralyze its victim and, eventually, his or her life.
  1. RESENTMENT – not wanting to forgive someone that disappointed, or hurt you. You think it’s all right to nurture the resentment in your heart against someone or even against yourself. When you harbor resentment against a person, it’s as though you drink poison and wait for your enemy to die. It is not smart at all!
  1. BAD EYES – sees everything with bad eyes; only sees the negative in himself, other people and situations. Malicious people are pessimistic, negative and lonely.
  1. COMPLACENCY – You want new things to happen without doing anything to achieve them… and worst of all, you put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Therefore, when tomorrow comes, nothing new happens.
  1. PRIDE – Does not acknowledge his mistakes, does not listen or learn, considers himself almighty, self-sufficient and is arrogant. Those who think they know it all and can do everything are the ones who, deep down inside, don’t know anything and can’t do anything.
  1. REBELLION – It is devastating and its impact is extensive. It is one of the gravest sins until this date. Do not take rebellion lightly because it is nothing more, nothing less, than the direct disobedience to God! A rebellious person opposes Him, His Word, His direction, and rejects those He established as His representatives, His Commandments or God’s requests, equaling yourself to the devil. Every rebellious person is disobedient and a liar.
  1. REVENGEFUL – Wants others to pay for wronging them. Every vengeful person is bitter, but no one has the right to seek revenge, because nobody is perfect.
  1. DOUBTS – himself, other people, God, his goals and dreams. Doubt has been the most destructive thing in the history of mankind. Everything is built by believing, and everything is destroyed by doubting.
  1. ENVY – of others… you compare yourself to others, and have low self-esteem. Those who compare themselves to others unfortunately do not know their self-worth; the truth is, they do not believe in their talents or abilities.
  1. CONDEMNATION – yourself or others… When you condemn yourself or others, it is the same as throwing your present, future and eternity into a dark prison.
  1. HYPOCRISY – solely seeking to satisfy your personal interests, and doing everything necessary to get it. When you give a bad testimony, do not obey, do not obey the word of God, are not righteous and do not prioritize God above all things, you are living a life of hypocrisy, lies.
  1. UNGRATEFULNESS – to God, others and yourself. This lack of acknowledging the good someone did for him or the help he was given will make you the target for the same kind of treatment, causing more ungratefulness.

These seeds have to be uprooted because they were not planted by the Spirit of God. I hope that those who have one of these evil seeds, uproot it right away, no matter where you are. The Lord Jesus said:

“Every plant that My heavenly Father didn’t plant will be uprooted”. Matthew 15.13

Go somewhere that you can be alone. Speak to God, through Prayer, about these seeds and uproot them from your heart and mind.

And pay attention to this simple and important warning, which you should always have present in your life: if each one of us does not uproot these seeds of evil from our interior, we will eventually be uprooted from the Kingdom of God, because these seeds were planted by evil, which cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

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