24 hours of life

Grace Fidele Ngomooh Ndjock lived all her life in the Republic of Cameroon, her homeland, until the day she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This type of malignant tumor most often appears in people that are over 50. According to the National Cancer Institute, when it forms, the person has difficulty swallowing, weight loss –resulting from insufficient food intake–, chest pain –unrelated to the malnourishment–, among other complications.

This is what happened with Grace. Though she had the support of her family, who moved to be at her side and find a solution to the problem, her situation only worsened.

In 2012, she moved to Lugano, Switzerland, to receive treatment. During 3 months, the Cameroonian was in a coma, her weight dropped to a mere 71 pounds and her body was covered in sores. The doctors met with her family and told them to prepare for the worst, because they had done all they could. According to them, she did not have much time left to live –approximately 24 hours. However, note what faith in the Lord Jesus can do in the life of those who believe, when it is put into practice.

“My condition was getting worse every day. Then, in October 2012, the medical team that was treating me suggested that I be admitted to the hospital, which happened right away because I was no longer able to eat anything at all or breathe on my own. At the hospital, I began receiving rounds of chemotherapy, but after the second dose, I fell into a coma. Everyone was waiting for me to die, but one of my daughters, who was already a member of the Universal Church, decided to participate in the campaign that was taking place at that time: the Israel Challenge. She went to the altar determined to change the situation and sacrificed everything she had.

A few hours after my daughter placed her sacrifice on the altar, I woke up from the coma. When she returned to the hospital, I was already awake and, to everyone’s surprise, had already started to recover. I was hospitalized for 1 month to regain my strength. My situation got better with each day that passed. The cancer, which had begun spreading throughout my body, disappeared and today I am healed.

I left the hospital and came to the Universal Church to thank God for the miracle He did in my life, and now I have surrendered my life to Jesus. For the past 2 months, I have participated of the meetings every week here in Lugano, Switzerland.

Thank you God, for the miracle You have made in my life!”

Grace Fidele Ngomooh Ndjock

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