Andressa Caio was born into a broken home and without the frequent presence of her father, because of this, she became a very troubled child and teen. At the age of 15, she dove into a world of addictions, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, using cocaine and drinking heavily every day, therefore becoming an addict.

She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital 4 times with beginning signs of insanity, a loss of conscience and the beginning of an overdose. After a short time, she became involved with homosexuality because, according to Andressa, her relationships with men were unsuccessful so she began opting for women. From that moment on, her problems only increased, she began having depression, anxiety, she didn’t feel at peace, saw shadows and had suicidal thoughts. During this time in her life, she was thrown out of her house and rejected by the whole family. She began feeling hatred for people and planned to end the life of one of the women she had a relationship with.

But at this time, while she was at the bottom of the pit, she was introduced to the work of the Universal Church. She was helped by the assistants, pastors and VYG, who believed in her and did not fail her when she needed it most. Today, after receiving the Holy Spirit in her life, Andressa is completely transformed. She no longer has any addictions. She is free from the anxiety, sadness, suicidal thoughts and homosexuality. She is a helpful daughter at home and lives in peace with the people around her. She is a new woman in all the aspects of her life.

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