Before going to the Universal Church and coming to know God, my life was destroyed. At the age of 12, I began to discover things in me that were not normal for a young child. I was sad and cried a lot for no reason. At school, I always had a smile on my lips, but when I was alone, tears rolled down my face. So I began listening to black metal music, which was the only music that “calmed” me during those moments of loneliness. Some time later, I found out that this genre of music has strong ties to Satanism. So I decided to take it upon myself to be a follower of Satan.

I grew up with this mindset. With each day that passed, the ideas linked to Satanism grew in my mind. My hair was long and I always wore black. I only had a few friends that were like me, so I decided to write songs that spoke against churches. When I sang, my voice sounded like the voice of an evil spirit. I would cut my hands just to see the blood run out of the cuts, then I would drink my own blood and smear it on my eyes and satanic medal I carried around my neck. I would transform.

I smoked and drank a lot with my friends. My family was being destroyed because of me, my mother suffered very much. This is when my mother decided to fight for me at the Universal Church, because she did not accept the situation and revolted against the evil that was in my life. I remember saying to her: “Nobody is going to change me. This is how I am, and this is how I will be forever”. But there was a conviction inside her and she was sure that I was going to change and accept God.

After much perseverance and participating of the Israel Challenge, my mother received an answer, and I changed! My mindset began to change and I put that life of darkness behind me. Today I am a new person. I was delivered from the addictions, depression and Satanism. I stopped hanging around with the wrong crowd and I am no longer attracted to evil. My mindset and attitude changed completely, and today my family is a blessing!


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