SUNDAY OCT 27 (DAY of Victory)

Historical and biblical significance

It was the most famous item among the artifacts on the Tabernacle of the Temple of Solomon and the Temple of Herod. Inside, sacred objects were kept for the Hebrews. According to the Bible, the Ark also functioned as a standard of war, leading the warriors, showing that the Lord was in charge. Relying on this, the Hebrew combatants strengthen and won battles, as when Joshua surrounded the wall and conquered the Promised Land.

The Ark represents God Himself.

The Ark is one of many replicas from the Temple of Solomon in Brazil. Many miracles took place when the Ark was present. And it is no different today. The entry of the Ark will be a symbolic representation of your alliance with God. Believe that after the entrance, al the struggles you are facing will be destroyed because God will go before you and take up the fight you are facing.

The Ark will make its entry on the 27th of October, 2019 at 1 Front St E. Toronto,ON M5E 1B2.


1 833 627 2448

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