Success by Faith

Faith without the influence of religion expands a person’s vision. And the greater the distance from religion, the more you can see.

There is a story that clearly shows the difference it makes to have vision. Two representatives from the largest shoe factory went to India. Once there, they both saw the same scenario: the majority of the population didn’t wear shoes. The first salesman immediately called his supervisor:

– Cancel everything, it’s practically impossible to do any business in this country. Everyone walks around barefoot! There’s no market for us here, because no one wears shoes!

After assessing the situation of those people, the second salesman called his supervisor very enthusiastically:

– You can triple production! Everyone walks around barefoot here! I’ve never seen such a promising market. Everyone here is in need of shoes!

The same situation, two different ways of looking at it. The first, without vision, leads people to giving up before they even try. It condemns the person to fail. The second, with vision, leads people to insist, persevere, move forward. In this case, success is inevitable. The decisions that lead to success or failure originate in the way we think, which, in turn, only changes when you expand your vision.

On the road to success, you cannot depend on anyone but God and yourself. Don’t expect some rich person to have mercy on you.

What interest would a rich person have for a poor person to prosper?


The day the poor man becomes rich, who will wash the rich man’s underwear?

For this unjust world to stay afloat, poor people have to exist so they can be exploited by the unjust that love money. For this reason, those who profit from injustice have no interest in the prosperity of those who have nothing.
The Universal Church preaches the philosophy of prosperity, which contradicts the religious hypocrites. They do not want the poor to be rich because this goes against their interests. Those who are worried about achieving daily survival, selling their lunch to buy dinner, have no peace. They can’t even think properly, and that’s exactly what religions want: people to think less.

The way for a quality of life is to practice pure and intelligent faith, which brings us closer to the thoughts of God, the vision He has for His people – which isn’t small at all. This faith is so far from religion, like the south is from the north.

Religions teach that Jesus was poor. He was poor until he conquered death. But after conquering death, He sat down to the right of God the Father, Almighty, the King of kings, Lord of lords and acquired all the Power, all the glory, all the wealth and grandeur. For this reason, today He can fulfill His promise to give us an abundant life. Not the notion of “abundance” that a man has, but the idea of abundance of the King of kings, the owner of all the gold, all the silver, all the Earth and the Heaven.

Therefore, what is impossible?

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