Strip away

God did not call any man to deliver Israel from Egypt, He called Moses. A man that grew up among the Egyptian culture, obtained Egyptian military knowledge and all the wisdom and teachings that Egyptian wealth and power could provide.

All this ability had and has relevant value to this world, but not to God and His purposes.

If Moses used his knowledge, his war strategies and joined forces with neighboring people, he would certainly not be able to free the slaves. This task required God’s ability, which he received at Sinai.

Now we have a better understanding of the meaning of God’s first words to Moses: “Take your sandals off your feet…”

In other words, you must strip away the knowledge, culture, concepts and information obtained in the world you live in and put on My will, My direction, My word.

There are certain problems we must to resolve and overcome that our wisdom, culture, concepts, diverse resources and, especially, religion, can never offer a solution, or lead us to a conquest.

Like Moses, we have to deny ourselves by hearing the Voice of faith, the call of God.

The Voice of faith, the call of God, always comes with a request for sacrifice that, in turn, contradicts the culture of the world, human wisdom, knowledge obtained in a university, family ties and internal conflicts.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

With Abraham, God asked: “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you.” Later, the same Voice asked him to sacrifice his own son Isaac.

With Abel, the Voice of faith asked for the sacrifice of the firstborn of his flock.

With Gideon, the Voice asked for his father’s second bull.

With Hannah, Voice of faith asked for her first son, Samuel, to serve God.

With Zacchaeus, the Voice of faith asked for the sacrifice of half of his possessions and the fourfold restitution of what he had stolen from the people.

With Mary, the Voice asked her to pour out precious perfume upon the feet of Jesus.

With Peter, the Voice of faith asked him to quit his job, where he had just experienced a marvelous catch, and become a fisher of souls.

All of them heard the call, this is why they were chosen by God, chosen for His purposes. Through them, God did miracles and wonders. The life of these men and women was marked by God, because they saw the wonders of the Most High, enjoyed the promises, and conquered what wisdom, culture and knowledge could never give them.

My friend, remove the sandals from your feet. Those who want to climb Sinai have to leave their diplomas, their experience, their wisdom, their religion, their reputation, their culture, their family ties, etc. at the foot of the mountain. You must strip away all these things before climbing! IT’S A SACRIFICE!!!

When Moses came down from Sinai, he was different, because now he was empowered by God Himself to overcome what was once the most powerful nation in the world, “Egypt”. What Moses could never do with his resources, he was able to do with the God he encountered at Sinai.

What you could never achieve through your own resources or through the resources of this life, you will achieve, if you climb to the top of Sinai completely stripped away from all these things!

Do the SACRIFICE that the Voice of faith is asking you to do, fulfill the call of God, become one of the chosen!

Exchange your abilities for the abilities of God, exchange the power of the world for the power of God.

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